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Jørn Knutsen




Jørn is an interaction designer and associate professor. His PhD-project was called Products of the Networked City and investigated through design how the vast deployment of network and computational technologies into our spatial environments is prompting us to reconsider what “products” are, what they are made of and how they are designed.

Jørn’s design and research work is centred around understanding emerging technologies through active engagement and making things such as visualisations of technology, interactive products and exhibitions.  His work as been exhibited widely, including ‘Immaterials‘ at Lighthouse,  ‘Invisible Fields’ at Laboral in Spain and ‘DREAD’ at De Hallen Haarlem in Amsterdam. Additionally, Jørn holds lectures nationally and abroad about design related to technology, materiality and practice.

Alongside the research at AHO he is part of the design studio Voy in Oslo doing design consultancy and developing interesting products of their own.


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Publications (12)


Conference paper

Challenges of the ‘Urban Digital’: Addressing interdisciplinarity and power in the planning and design of the digital city

This paper identifies and discusses a set of challenges relating to the design of digital services in policies and strategies for more liveable and sustainable cities. These challenges emerge in the meeting between the knowledge and practice fields of digital design, which deal with service and interaction design, and urbanism, which is concerned with the study, planning and design of cities... Read »


Explorations of the Seed Vault

‘Explorations of the Seed Vault’ is an experimental project about interpreting and communicating data from the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. The project is being developed by Jørn Knutsen and Einar Sneve Martinussen from the Oslo School of Architecture, and the design studio Voy... Read »



Immaterials at Home

Contemporary homes incorporate an increasing number of networked objects, including phones, TVs, and light bulbs. Data is streamed in and out of homes across them. The processes that make these circulations possible are both mundane and obscure... Read »



Satellite Lamps

The city is changing in ways that can’t be seen. As urban life becomes intertwined with digital technologies the invisible landscape of the networked city is taking shape – a terrain made up of radio waves, mobile devices, data streams and satellite signals. In Satellite lamps, practices and languages of design are put to use to explain and situate the phenomena of GPS... Read »


Uprooting Products of the Networked city

From a techno-cultural view on interaction, this article takes up the relationship between the technologies of the networked city and domestic networked products, and material and conditioning relations to the field of design. This contrasts with more infrastructural framings of networked cities and ubiquitous computing... Read »



Å formgi en digital framtid

Det siste tiåret har internettet spredt seg fra skrivebordet til noe vi putter i lomma og bærer med oss til enhver tid. Vi «går ikke på Internett» lenger, vi er der hele tiden. Samtidig har digital teknologi blitt et av samfunnets sentrale rammeverk og påvirker alt fra politisk meningsutveksling til hvordan velferdsstaten fungerer... Read »


Investigating an “Internet of Hybrid Products”: Assembling Products, Interactions, Services, and Networks through Design

This article takes up the relations between products, people, and the Internet. Our investigation is set in the context of the emergence of networked and service-driven physical products. The article builds upon the curation and design of an exhibition that pulls together recent hybrids composed of physical objects as well as digital things and networked services... Read »