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Timo Arnall

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Timo Arnall was instrumental in the foundation of Interaction Design at AHO, where he taught from 2004-2014. He led the research project ‘Touch’ between 2006-2009 and was a participant in the Yourban project. Timo’s PhD project ‘Making Visible‘ investigated how interaction design takes up materials, culture and communication as part of the shaping of emerging interface technologies.

He now runs Ottica in London.


Design Research Mediation|Hybrid|Making Visible|METODA|Touch

Publications (13)


Satellite Lamps

The city is changing in ways that can’t be seen. As urban life becomes intertwined with digital technologies the invisible landscape of the networked city is taking shape – a terrain made up of radio waves, mobile devices, data streams and satellite signals. In Satellite lamps, practices and languages of design are put to use to explain and situate the phenomena of GPS... Read »


Book chapter

Fear of the Invisible

Interface and network technologies are becoming ubiquitous yet they are increasingly complex and hidden. As they recede into the fabric of everyday life, we lose our ability to see, question, critique and shape these technologies for our own uses. Here there is potential for harm, powerlessness and new and non-neutral power relations... Read »


Visualizations of digital interaction in daily life

We inquire into how visual signage may make aspects of ubiquitous computing technologies visible and how digital tools and platforms impact that visual design and semiosis. We explore how visual interfaces have been designed and mediated within a design-research project that looked at technologies for mediating between digital media and the physical environment... Read »


Investigating an “Internet of Hybrid Products”: Assembling Products, Interactions, Services, and Networks through Design

This article takes up the relations between products, people, and the Internet. Our investigation is set in the context of the emergence of networked and service-driven physical products. The article builds upon the curation and design of an exhibition that pulls together recent hybrids composed of physical objects as well as digital things and networked services... Read »


Conference paper

Designing with RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that is emerging in consumer products as a method for input and interaction. Although RFID is relatively well known from a technical perspective, the methods and for designing with RFID are less well understood, particularly the tangible and physical aspects of RFID form... Read »