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Exploring service design implementation

Type of project
C3 - Center for Connected Care & AHO
01.09.2015 -> 31.08.2019

This project has been completed

About the project

The project is situated in service design for healthcare and public services, and explores the later phases of service development.

Service design has had great focus on the early stages of the innovation process, often referred to as the “fuzzy front end”, but there has been limited focus on the later phases. This PhD study examines the later phases, with an emphasis on user involvement, and a particular focus upon the handover from service designers, before leaving a project. This is identified as a critical aspect of the later phases and my work critically examines what a service design handover is, and might be. Theoretical perspectives are combined with interviews and observations from the context of Norwegian service development projects in public services and within healthcare. Findings indicate a need for both an improvement in, and a harmonization of service design handovers; this is embodied in what I am currently calling a service design roadmap. Though roadmaps and roadmapping are well-established concepts in other disciplines (Phaal & Muller, 2009), this is not the case in service design. I argue that roadmaps might support development teams receiving service design handovers, and enable them to better make use of the service design material during the later phases.

The issue is addressed through a Research by Design approach, grounded in service design practice. Hence, this thesis is not only about the exploration, but also development and testing of a service design roadmapping approach.

The contribution of this thesis aims to be twofold: Firstly, to contribute to the knowledge field of service design research. Secondly, to apply the theoretical and practical research outcome within service design practice.

Analytical frames: Service design, public services, healthcare.

Supervisors: Simon Clatworthy and Amy Lise Hansen

Reference: Phaal, Robert, & Muller, Gerrit. (2009). An architectural framework for roadmapping: Towards visual strategy. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 76(1), 39–49.