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Immersion and Interaction in Mixed Reality Spaces

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Designing for engagement in Mixed Reality experiences

Projection mapping is a group of techniques for project- ing imagery onto physical three-dimensional objects in order to augment the object or space with digital content. Most projection mapping experiences and events are non-interactive, partly because of the many inherent design problems in designing for interaction is such situations... Read »



Within an Ocean of Light: Creating Volumetric Lightscapes

This paper documents explorations into an alternative platform for immersive and affective expression within spatial mixed reality installation experiences. It discusses and analyzes experiments that use an advanced LED cube to create immersive, interactive installations and environments where visitors and visuals share a common physical space... Read »



Dynamic visualisation in three physical dimensions

Recent developments in light emitting diode (LED) production technology mean that high numbers of LEDs can now be used at costs that are no longer prohibitive. This paper looks at various creative and artistic applications of three-dimensional grids of LEDs, when used to produce imagery and volumetric visualisations in three physical dimensions... Read »