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Matthews, Ted


Ted Matthews is an international speaker, trainer, service designer and Phd Fellow at the centre for design research.

He is currently coming to the close of his PhD which is entitled ‘Sacred Services: The sacred and the ritual as a material in service design’. It investigates the potential of ‘Sacred Theory’ as material for service design. The work has been undertaken with close collaboration with service companies including  telecoms, tourism, and financial services.

in 2015 he took time off his PhD to work with the Norwegian Football Association in the design of the national football game experience. Recently he co-designed Telenor’s Service Design Academy, which he is now delivering across the globe with his colleague Dr Simon Clatworthy.

He has 10 years of experience from practice with projects in service design for public and private sector innovation. He was part of the team that developed the award winning, pan-European process; ‘Future City Game’ which utilized service design thinking and co-design for urban development.

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Clatworthy, Simon


Simon is professor of interaction design at AHO and is responsible for the area of Service Design at the school.

Simon started working with interaction design using participatory design methods for the design of  control rooms in 1983. Since then his work has swung between research and professional consultancy. He built and led a successful multidisciplinary team at Telenor that developed future business concepts for mobile services and interactive TV. He has led a large Nordic ICT consultancy, run his own company and been in a dot.com start-up.

His research interests stem from his MBA in Design Management, and have very much focussed upon the role of design at the strategic and tactical levels of an organisation. His focus during the past years has been upon enabling organisations to create value from incorporating design into the innovation process. More recently he has started to focus upon how organisations should change such that they can better develop and support the delivery of memorable customer experiences. This bridges multiple disciplines from marketing, organisational design, change management and service design.

Simon is responsible for AHOs participation in the Centre for Service Innovation (CSI) and leads one of the major themes; Brand and Customer Experience.

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