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Ted Matthews is an international speaker, trainer, service designer and Phd Fellow at the centre for design research.

He is currently coming to the close of his PhD which is entitled ‘Sacred Services: The sacred and the ritual as a material in service design’. It investigates the potential of ‘Sacred Theory’ as material for service design. The work has been undertaken with close collaboration with service companies including  telecoms, tourism, and financial services.

in 2015 he took time off his PhD to work with the Norwegian Football Association in the design of the national football game experience. Recently he co-designed Telenor’s Service Design Academy, which he is now delivering across the globe with his colleague Dr Simon Clatworthy.

He has 10 years of experience from practice with projects in service design for public and private sector innovation. He was part of the team that developed the award winning, pan-European process; ‘Future City Game’ which utilized service design thinking and co-design for urban development.


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Conference paper

Future faceting – Exploring multifaceted urban futures through interaction and service-design

This paper is about exploring how interaction- and service-design approaches can be used in imagining and proposing urban futures. The paper presents an ongoing project on investigating how experiential, prototype-driven design methods from service- and interaction-design can offer new ways of exploring possible futures in today’s increasingly digital, service-driven cities... Read »


Conference paper

Designing Football Rituals for Heightened Fan Experiences

Great football experiences depend not only on the play on field but also on a contextual understanding of the moment, the sense of self in place and of belonging that can lead to highly emotional and meaningful moments. This paper presents the outcomes of the research project between the Norwegian Football Association and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design during 2015... Read »


Conference paper

 transforming organizational mindsets through service design thinking

Change by Design: Transforming organisational mindsets through Service Design thinking “Everything I have learnt during the last 20 years has been thrown up in the air, and landed up-side down – in a good way”. This quote is from a manager who participated in Service Design Academy, a transformation programme in Telenor; one of the world’s largest mobile operators... Read »

Conference paper


As we move deeper and into a service economy, differentiation of service offerings occurring through the customer experience is becoming central to the success of service providers. The emerging discipline of service design must find new ways to orchestrate settings for customers that will result in favourable and memorable service experiences allowing for differentiation to take place... Read »

Conference paper

Can insights from the theory relating to ritual be operationalized to contribute to the development of New Service Development tools?

Service design must push its current boundaries of reference to incorporate wider impulses from the social sciences and humanities to allow for higher engagement at a socio-cultural level with service customers. Services are primarily defined by their intangibility and temporal nature where value is co-created during service delivery between customer and service provider... Read »