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Arnall, Timo

Project leader

Timo Arnall was instrumental in the foundation of Interaction Design at AHO, where he taught from 2004-2014. He led the research project ‘Touch’ between 2006-2009 and was a participant in the Yourban project. Timo’s PhD project ‘Making Visible‘ investigated how interaction design takes up materials, culture and communication as part of the shaping of emerging interface technologies.

He now runs Ottica in London.

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Knutsen, Jørn


Jørn is an interaction designer and associate professor. His PhD-project was called Products of the Networked City and investigated through design how the vast deployment of network and computational technologies into our spatial environments is prompting us to reconsider what “products” are, what they are made of and how they are designed.

Jørn’s design and research work is centred around understanding emerging technologies through active engagement and making things such as visualisations of technology, interactive products and exhibitions.  His work as been exhibited widely, including ‘Immaterials‘ at Lighthouse,  ‘Invisible Fields’ at Laboral in Spain and ‘DREAD’ at De Hallen Haarlem in Amsterdam. Additionally, Jørn holds lectures nationally and abroad about design related to technology, materiality and practice.

Alongside the research at AHO he is part of the design studio Voy in Oslo doing design consultancy and developing interesting products of their own.

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