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Urban Ocean seminars

What is happening at the intersection of urban and ocean spaces? The seminars bring together different perspectives, research and educational interests about the sustainable development of the urban-ocean frontier... Read »

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Anticipation and design inquiry

Inquiry into anticipation is framed within this chapter in a view from Anticipation Studies not only Science, accentuating cultural, constuctionist and critical interpretative aspects. We argue that Futures Studies needs to more fully take up a body of work from Design Studies... Read »

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This paper seeks to draw together a broader transdisciplinary view on Anticipation than that influentially proferred by Poli (e.g. 2010). Central is elaboration of the potential for closer intersection between two key approaches to future-oriented inquiry: Design and Futures (Celi & Morrison, 2017 in press)... Read »

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Making and unmaking a frontier territory

Longyearbyen, the main town in Svalbard, presents historical, contemporary and projected relations between environment and design. First sighted by the Dutch Barentsz in 1596, this pristine, seemingly sublime landscape has a history of the arrival and application of technologies with destructive impact on its delicate arctic ecology... Read »

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Design fiction, culture and climate change: weaving together personas, collaboration and fabulous futures

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges to contemporary lifestyles and future living. In this paper we offer a design and cultural alternative centred in the humanities on shaping personas as a means to addressing relations between perspective, narrative and voice through two artifacts, one a tiger fish and the other a nuclear powered narwhal... Read »

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Personas and projections. A lyrical essay on facing climate change via design fiction

We identify two challenges concerning conceptualisations of communication design, design fiction and future views on the arctic. The first refers to the difficulty of mediating information and perspectives on the complexity of climate change to a wide public bombarded with conflicting perspectives and alienated from engagement with the central issues... Read »

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Co-narrating a Future North

Through the persona of Narratta as a ‘thing that speaks ‘I investigate what might be shaped on site in the arctic but also online in the cast of design fiction. This situates the work within comunication design and digital narrative... Read »