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Sevaldson, Birger


Birger Sevaldson [dipl NCAD MNIL PhD] is professor at the Institute of Design at AHO – Oslo School of Architecture and Design and a principle researcher in OCEAN design research association.

He is an academic and designer working in a broad field of design and architecture. He has been in private practice since 1986. His practice spans from architecture, interior to furniture and product design including design of lighting armatures and boat design. It also includes experimental architecture and several art installations in collaboration with the composer Natasha Barrett on the context of OCEAN.

Birger Sevaldson has been developing concepts in design computing and his doctoral thesis from 2005 is based on 15 years of research into this field. He has been collaborating in OCEAN design research association since 1997 and the experimental design projects resulting from this collaboration have been published worldwide. The research into digital design developed into a wider interest in the design process and especially design processes for uncertainty, unforeseen futures and complexity. This research grew out of the digital research which initially engaged in time related design, where time was explored as a design material. Later this approach was further developed and new concepts for systems thinking in design emerged. He has defined Systems Oriented Design as a designerly way of systems thinking and systems practice.

Birger has been lecturing and teaching in Norway, Europe, Asia and USA and has held a visiting professorship at NACD in Oslo and has been a visiting critic at Syracuse University School of Architecture, USA. He is currently visiting professor at the University College of Ålesund, Norway. He was collaborating in the start-up of the academic design journal FORMakademisk and is in the editorial board of the journal. He has been in a number of international evaluation committees amongst them the evaluation committee for Danish design research under the Ministry of Culture of Denmark, and the evaluation committee for a science master for the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC), Ireland, and the evaluation committee for the EID project by the Swedish energy authorities. Birger is member of the council of the Design Research Society.

Birger has held several positions amongst them, leader of the National Council for Design Educations in Norway, Vice Rector of Oslo School of Architecture and Design and director of OCEAN Design Research Association and the committee for NORDES 2011. He is currently the curator of the Gallery AHO.

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Morrison, Andrew


Andrew Morrison is Director of the Centre for Design Research at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) in Norway and Professor of Interdisciplinary Design at the Institute of Design (IDE). As co-ordinator of research, Andrew takes part in and leads a range of design research projects. These cover Communication Design, dynamic interfaces and social media; RFID, mediation and activity; Service Design and innovation in leadership; electronic arts installation; narrative and mobile media; practice-based research/research by design; online research mediation and design research methods. Andrew also focuses on design writing, fiction and criticism.

He has been central to the ongoing redesign and teaching of the PhD school at AHO. He has supervised a dozen PhD students at AHO and others at the University of Oslo in design, media and education. Andrew is a member of the Research Committee and the Board of AHO. He was paper co-chair for Nordes 09, Engaging Artifacts, 3rd Nordic Design Research Conference (www.nordes.org) and been a board member of the Design research Society. He has published widely in journals, books and online and has a special research interest in online research mediation. He has edited and co-edited several collections of papers and chapters related to design and new media.

Formerly Andrew was an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo at the interdisciplinary research centre InterMedia where he led the Communication Design Group

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Wettre, Andreas

Project leader

Andreas is a management consultant with a technical background and many years of working with a systems-oriented thinking. He has been a tutor and teacher since 2015 and at present, he’s a project leader for the H-SEIF project (2020 – 2023).

Andreas brings an organisational and leadership perspective to working with systems oriented design. His work contributes with three main areas in the SOD environment; implementing, team and organisational understanding in addition to a wide and deep business understanding.

Andreas is a mechanical engineer and has a master degree in Business & Leadership. He has 15 years of experience in management position within industrial companies, and 20 years of consulting experience.

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Aguirre, Manuela


Manuela Aguirre is a PhD fellow at AHO researching the bridge between Service Design and Systems Oriented Design (SOD) to innovate and transform public services, as part of the DOT Initiative – Design for Offentlige Tjenester.

Before starting the PhD research, she was working as a Service Designer in the intersection of design and the delivery of health care at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  By being part of the multidisciplinary design group at Mayo´s Center for Innovation (CFI), she worked on a diverse range of projects – spanning from new care models for the outpatient practice to researching the connected care space and its future vision.  Since CFI was embedded within the clinical practice, she had the opportunity to co-design and research with medical teams, patients, a wide spectrum of experts and leadership within Mayo Clinic.

Manuela gained her BA in Integrated Design from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) and her MA in Design from AHO.  Her Master Thesis (co-authored with Jan Kristian Strømsnes), Designing for Dignity, was a project within the Design for Social Innovation framework.  By using a service-systems design methodology, the project addressed the needs of a Sexual Assault Survivor (SAS) throughout their medical and legal care and conceptualized a holistic spectrum of system interventions.  They analyzed a SAS’s journey from their personal perspective and compared that to the perspective of other stakeholders in the system, such as nurses, social workers and police. From understanding the complexity layered in the different problems, we co-created system interventions that responded to the most critical painpoints identified. The solutions addressed new ways of collecting DNA evidence in an empathic manner, ways of facilitating difficult conversations and service and architectural guidelines for Sexual Assault Centers (SAC).  In 2013, Designing for Dignity received the Young Design Talent Award given by the Norwegian Design Council and the Core77 Service Design Student Runner-Up recognition.

Manuela has participated in the Global Service Jam twice – first by being a “jammer” in Oslo and then by co-hosting the first Global Service Jam in Minnesota that was held in the Twin Cities in February 2013.

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Dudani, Palak


Palak Dudani is a systems oriented designer + researcher with an interest in culture, social systems and future of urban life. She’s a recipient of two international fellowships and has previously worked with humanitarian aid organisations and start-ups on projects within healthcare, employability and education.

She’s a strong advocate for systemic approach to design and believes that designers hold crucial roles and responsibilities within our transitioning societies. From March 2020 – Feb 2021, she was employed on the FUEL4Design Erasmus+ project and the H-SEIF project at the Institute of Design.

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