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Amphibious Scales and Anticipatory Design

This paper considers dynamics between Anticipatory Design and relational ontological scales in imagining, articulating and shaping futures. This includes speculative, experimental and experiential engagement with imaginary futures for rethinking relations to the present and beyond them into long term sustainable ones... Read »


Connecting the LEXICON to Master’s in Choreography

Amanda Steggell is a Professor of Choreography at Oslo National Academy of Art and project leader of AMPHIBIOUS TRILOGIES project. As part of ongoing collaboration between AMPHIBIOUS TRILOGIES and FUEL4DESIGN: Future Education and Literacy for Designers, these series of workshops aimed to contribute to the DESIGN FUTURES LEXICON with movement words, called FUTURES DESIGN MOVEMENTS WORDS.  Prof... Read »



Octopa’s Journey is a narrative game-tool inviting the player to browse the futures of the Northern Sea Route. Playing with Future Design Words and extended-choreographies, the experience is the online counterpart of the physical Octopa toolkit. .. Read »


Matters of artistic research

Movement matters enormously in every aspect of our lives and of the dynamics of the ecosphere and its complex systems and relations of inhabitants, human and nonhuman, psychological and systemic... Read »