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The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) head theme one, with expertise in the co-design of services, particularly processes that integrate multiple views and disciplines. Theme two is headed by the University of Oslo (UiO), with expertise in technology infrastructures and interoperability necessary to enable technology at scale. BI Norwegian Business School (BI) head theme three, with expertise in business models, organisation and problems of adoption/diffusion.

The Norwegian Hospital Innovation Network and commercial actors; Siemens, Telenor, Accenture, Sykehuspartner, Induct Software, Hospital IT, Dignio, Abelia and Oslo Medtech represent the business sector taking part in C3.

Clatworthy, Simon


Simon is professor of interaction design at AHO and is responsible for the area of Service Design at the school.

Simon started working with interaction design using participatory design methods for the design of  control rooms in 1983. Since then his work has swung between research and professional consultancy. He built and led a successful multidisciplinary team at Telenor that developed future business concepts for mobile services and interactive TV. He has led a large Nordic ICT consultancy, run his own company and been in a dot.com start-up.

His research interests stem from his MBA in Design Management, and have very much focussed upon the role of design at the strategic and tactical levels of an organisation. His focus during the past years has been upon enabling organisations to create value from incorporating design into the innovation process. More recently he has started to focus upon how organisations should change such that they can better develop and support the delivery of memorable customer experiences. This bridges multiple disciplines from marketing, organisational design, change management and service design.

Simon is responsible for AHOs participation in the Centre for Service Innovation (CSI) and leads one of the major themes; Brand and Customer Experience.

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Romm, Jonathan


Jonathan Romm is currently employed as an associate professor at The Oslo School of Architecture & Design (AHO). He is also head of Application and Service Design dept. at Halogen, a Norwegian communications and design agency.

Until 2011 Romm was employed as the Institute Leader of The institute of design and vice Rector at AHO, in Norway. He has also been responsible for organising and teaching at the master course of service design at AHO.

Jonathan has been working in various international and local design projects with companies like Samsung, Telenor, Oslo Sporveier and The Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

He is an experienced project-manager and an enthusiastic coach and process facilitator. He has headed several innovative and inter-disciplinary collaborations and research projects with academic institutions, public organisations and commercial companies.


Innovation Management/Design management/Design Thinking

Service Design/Systems Oriented Design/User Expirience Design

Interaction Design/Industrial Design

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Almqvist, Frida


Frida Almqvist is a PhD-fellow at AHO exploring how to develop process support for a patient-centric new service development approach in Norwegian healthcare. This research is a part of the Centre for Connected Care (C3), an 8 year Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) starting up the fall of 2015.

Before starting the PhD she has been working as a Service Designer and Assistant Researcher in the research unit DOT – Design for offentlige tjenester (Design for Public Services) along with Kaja Misvær Kistorp and Amy Lise Hansen. She will continue her engagement in DOT part-time, throughout the PhD period. She has also been working as an Assistant Teacher in Service Design at AHO, in both bachelor and master courses.

Frida gained her MA in Industrial Design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2014. Her Master Thesis Terminating a pregnancy (Å avslutte et svangerskap) was within Service and Systems Oriented Design. The project attempted to understand the system behind the experience of an abortion, seen from a woman’s perspective. How is the woman cared for in one of her perhaps most vulnerable situations? Women who are considering an abortion needs to find their way through a vast and complex service landscape. Today this can be challenging. The result was a series of design solutions that increase the availability of information, support and follow-up. The proposals contributed to the creation of experiences with less uncertainty and stress that might prevent further unplanned pregnancies.

Frida has presented her Masters Thesis at Beyond Risør (2014), at the National Abortion Conference (Nasjonal konferanse for sykehusenes abortnemnderat) at Gardermoen held by the Norwegian Health Directorate (2014) and at many other occations.

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Kistorp, Kaja Misvær


Kaja Misvær Kistorp is the Manager of the DOT initiative –Design for offentlige tjenester (Design for Public services) at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. She is a formerly partner in Designit Oslo – a multi disciplinary and international strategic design agency. Kaja co-founded the Oslo office and led the service innovation department. She is an experienced service designer with a passion for user involvement and multidisciplinary innovation processes.


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Hansen, Lise Amy

Associate professor

Lise Amy Hansen is an Associate Professor of Design Theory at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and her researcher is concerned with interaction, communication and digital movement. Her doctorate was on digital movement and design: ‘Communicating movement – Full-body movement as a design material for digital interaction’.

She trained as a graphic designer at Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Arts, London. She was a Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins 2000-2005. She also run her own design company in London for many years, working with architects and developers on urban regeneration and with cultural institutions. She writes (sporadically) about her research projects on the blog Kinetically.

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Rygh, Karianne


Karianne Rygh is a service design PhD fellow at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) developing research on the strategic design of tangible tools used in co-design processes. With an industrial design background and a Master of Social Design, Karianne has several years experience as a Research Associate in the Readership of Strategic Creativity at Design Academy Eindhoven, researching networked collaboration in the development of Product Service Systems.

Seeing the need for industrial designers to experiment and explore throughout their research, she co-founded the design- and machine-lab, the MINT, in the Netherlands, an experimental environment facilitating designers to practice hands-on research by design. This lab is used in the prototyping of tools through the course of her PhD.

The PhD thesis focuses on how multidisciplinary communication and collaboration can be facilitated and fostered through the use of strategically designed tools for co-design processes. The research is conducted in collaboration with the research partner C3 – Centre for Connected Care, with the aim of accelerating the adoption and diffusion of patient centric service innovations within healthcare.

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