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Exploring Sacred Service Design

This study focuses on the development of new service design approaches for the design of experience-centric services through the integration and utilization of concepts and practices relating to the study of the sacred... Read »



Organizational Transformation Through Service Design: The Institutional Logics Perspective.

In this article, we provide in-depth insight into the process of adopting service design (SD) by a large service organization. We use an inductive interpretive approach and draw on rich longitudinal data collected in one of the world’s major telecommunication companies that undertook a series of SD initiatives to improve its innovation capability... Read »


Innovating for Trust

This book adopts a multidisciplinary approach to innovation, and argues that because innovation is always risky business, trust is an essential premise and outcome of successfully designing, developing and finally launching innovations. Each part of the book encompasses a different aspect of innovating for trust... Read »



KPIs for Service Design Thinking

A report exploring the possibility of developing KPI’s for Service Design in an organisation. Based upon a workshop carried out together with a major telecommunications provider, and summarising aspects of design thinking (and service design) a few suggestions for KPI’s are suggested. Further, key aspects of service design thinking are identified... Read »