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Exploring Sacred Service Design

This study focuses on the development of new service design approaches for the design of experience-centric services through the integration and utilization of concepts and practices relating to the study of the sacred... Read »


Service Design in the Later Phases: Exploring User Insights, Handovers, and Service Design Roadmapping in the Transition from Service Concept to Implemented Service

Human-centricity and user involvement have become increasingly emphasized in Norwegian legislation related to service development in the health and public sectors. At the same time, service design has emerged as a relevant and increasingly popular alternative to accommodate the requirements of user involvement... Read »



Method Development for the Design of Safety-Critical Systems: The Space between Design Research and Professional Design Practice

A common field in academic research is the development and refinement of design methods with the aim of supporting professional design practice. As a result, design practitioners have a wide range of methods and tools at their disposal. However, some studies have shown that the design methods developed through research are not always adopted or used by professional designers... Read »


Unpacking Making: A Product Design Critique on Emergent Uses of Additive Manufacturing

Today, as the technical capabilities of 3D printers are advancing, they are finding newfound uses within product design as an Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. Through a practice-led mode of design research, this thesis argues that AM needs to be supported by critical reflection of its technical capacities, as they are subjected to interpretation through contexts of use... Read »


Simulation and Design

In this thesis, I investigate the use of simulation, game engines and real-time interaction in user-centred design for the maritime sector. In this sector, users are involved in complex safety critical operations carried out in very challenging and shifting conditions. This is a major challenge for workers and currently human failure is the main cause of maritime accidents... Read »



Immersion in Mixed Reality Spaces

This thesis maps out the overlaps, synergies and forces at play when designing for optimal immersive experiences in responsive mixed reality spaces. The research is produced from the perspective of a practising interaction designer and media artist. It is performative, transdisciplinary and built on a methodology that combines and intertwines theories, practice and observation... Read »


Pockets and Cities: Investigating and Revealing the Networked City through Interaction Design

This thesis is about investigating and revealing the networked city through interaction design. The ‘networked city’ describes an emergent urban condition where digital technologies and wireless communication are increasingly important across everyday urban life. The thesis explores the emergence of the networked city through practice-led interaction design research... Read »



Navimation: A Sociocultural Exploration of Kinetic Interface Design

  • Eikenes, Jon Olav H.

Digital products are an increasingly important part of our culture and are linked to activities at work, play and leisure. Many of these activities happen through screen-based interfaces, which thus play an important role in activating and engage people in their daily lives... Read »


Improving the User Experience of Evidence

Systematic reviews are syntheses of the best available evidence on the effects of health care interventions. Cochrane Reviews are high quality reviews that can provide valuable information for clinicians and policy makers, but are poorly suited for decision makers in time-pressed contexts... Read »



Developing Digital Design Techniques: Creative Design Computing

Industrial designers, architects, graphical designers and others have slowly adapted to the new digital design tools. Most of this process of adaptation is about modifying traditional techniques to benefit from digital technology. But digital technology offers the possibility to rethink the design process even to a degree where our conception of visual creativity is questioned... Read »